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The pressing plant

Our vinyl record factory in Madrid is a dream come true thanks to the efforts of a group of friends and admirers of music om vinyl.
The digital revolution has transformed consumption habits in the music industry. The need to recover a physical format in which to appreciate sound quality and enjoy its visual appearance has pushed us to recover a romanticism that had been lost.
A vinyl record in our hands is being able to enjoy music not only physically but also emotionally and that it lasts over time.
Our factory uses state-of-the-art automatic presses, adapted to EU safety requirements. With a pressing capacity of 1,200 discs in 8 hours, with the capacity to manufacture more than 600,000 vinyl records per year.
Mad Vinyl Music is committed to classic vinyl manufactured with the most advanced technology and the best sound quality.

Fábrica de vinilos

What we do

The process

In our vinyl factory we take care of the entire manufacturing process of your record. Starting from an audio file in the highest possible quality, we take care of everything from the cut in lacquer or DMM and the preparation of printers, to the printing of labels, covers, booklets and covers.
Our turnaround time, from the approval of the masters and covers until the first copies are delivered, is the lowest in the market, varying according to the complexity of the covers and the colors of the vinyl compound used for the editions. Contact us to be able to evaluate your project.
We have a wide range of pre-established colors, with marble, solid, transparent or fluorescent variants, we adding new colors frequently.
We can supply a wide range of covers: single, double, inserts, booklet, high quality boxes and designs for special editions; as well as satin finishes, die-cuts, strips, stickers and even download codes, you just have to tell us your idea.


About us

Why Mad Vinyl Music

With a team of vinyl music enthusiasts and a commitment to quality, our vinyl factory is designed to produce the best quality records, adapting to customer needs. Our ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certifications guarantee a product of the highest quality, and respectful of the environment.

Our facilities

State-of-the-art facilities and machinery prepared to work 24/7, guaranteeing last-minute contingencies to a minimum.

Competitive prices

Optimum quality-price ratio, materials and professional finishes to deliver to our clients a perfect artistic product for sale in physical stores or online.

Multiple choices

From the simplest to collector options. Box sets, 180 gram vinyl in virtually endless color varieties, high quality labels, glossy or matte covers, doubles and limited edition boxes, all in 7" and 12".

Focussed on quality

Our vinyl factory is synonymous with quality, from the cutting of the acetate made in specialized studios to the galvanizing. Possibility of mastering vinyl records in the best studios, we can make the master cut in DMM, we send test pressings to check the final quality before starting production. All going through an exhaustive certified quality process to deliver a unique product. Mad Vinyl Music is the only vinyl factory with an ISO9001 quality certificate that accredits our vinyl manufacturing process as the highest in the market.

Commitment to the environment

Despite being plastic, we believe there is a better way to do things. Mad Vinyl Music recycles 98% of the remaining plastic from vinyl manufacturing. The records that do not pass our quality process return to the production chain in order to produce zero plastic waste. We treat the base product in the same way, using virgin vinyl and inks free of compounds that are harmful to the environment. All our waste is recycled following a scrupulous procedure that respects the environment Pese a ser plástico, creemos que hay una manera mejor de hacer las cosas. Mad Vinyl Music reclicla el 98% del plástico restante de la fabricación de vinilos. Los discos que no superan nuestro proceso de calidad vuelven a la cadena de producción con el objeto de producir cero residuos plásticos. Tratamos de la misma manera el producto base, utilizando vinilo virgen y tintas libres de compuestos perjudiciales para el medio ambiente. Our ISO 14001 certification accredits our product as the most committed to the environment in its process and production.

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Your idea is very important to us, we help you in all aspects of making your record, from the technical aspects to the legal part. Send us your query and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Physical address

C/ Rafael Pillado Mourelle 25, nave 6. Algete 28110. Madrid


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